All about Sleek

On Fleek   Abia atunci cand vine vorba de cosmetice lucrurile scapa de sub control, cel putin asa e in cazul meu. Sa gasesti si ieftin si bun si in acelasi timp sa stii ca animalutele nu au fost implicate sau ranite pentru fardul de pe pleoapele tale, e bineinteles destul de greu. Imi place [...]


Nivea Creme and the Micellar Water

Hi, how are things going? Today is the day, Honest Opinion Day! Over time I've been trying as many of you probably, different body lotions, cleansers and products that were supposed to help, care and clean your face and skin. Β Of course even when I've found the right product, after going in drugstores seeing offers [...]

Easy Prom Makeup

Easy Prom Makeup or My First Youtube Video!! Yaay!! Yesterday except the fact that I had a lot of fun, I finally managed to record and edit my first Video. I am very excited about this new thing and I can't wait to post the next one. If you will have time to watch it [...]

Stop Faking Nails:)

Hei there! Today I am going to talk with you about nails, the perfect colour and the perfect way to do it! Long nails are extremely popular nowadays, extremely! At least 3 girls in 5 have fake, long and in some cases weird nails. Well, except the chemicals and the pain that you can get [...]

Drink it, use it!

Everyone loves beer, at least I want to believe that otherwise I will get mad!:) But beer besides great taste is also very good for our appearance. And no, I'm not talking about the crazy eyes or your drunk face, no! I'm talking about hair and maybe some of you already know that rinsing your [...]