Photography Portfolio

Personal Statement


I made the portfolio reflect exactly my perspective when it comes to photography.               I covered  the techniques that I enjoy the most and also put value on the fact that I can easily adapt based on the environment and conditions. My waterlilies show that I have a good eye when it comes to composition and colour and I know how to accentuate the beauty in details. The birds section is about action and emotion, except the beauty of nature I managed to capture the expression and activity that happens outdoors, using different settings and backgrounds. Because I enjoy black and white photography I decided to add a few examples that show my perspective and thinking when it comes to editing and composition. The shadows and angles can change the entire frame and I presented it step by step to let you see exactly how I work and proceed. The portfolio and sketchbook basically invites you in my world of creation where everything is possible with practice and dedication.

My knowledge is based on my studies of Michael Freeman’s manuals which helped me improve the skills that I already had and of course develop new ones.

Coventry University is the place that I chose to help me evolve as a photographer and artist, the place where I will find my weaknesses and strengths and work them out until I achieve the performance that I am looking for. The diploma received after graduation will open the doors to several career options such as advertising, editorial, fashion and the one that I’m most interested it about, fine art.

My ambitions are to pursue a career where I can utilise my skills and my passion in order to create the most unique materials.





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Download Portfolio PDF:  portfolionopas

Download Sketchbook:     sketchbook


I added a few slides with the work of the photographers that inspired me and helped me the most with the creation of this portfolio.


Michael Freeman

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Leila Jeffreys


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