Fashion or Style?

As many of you already know, fashion is way different from style, right? Fashion is changing everyday and you have to keep up by looking on the internet, study the new trends and than spend money on purchasing "What's hot" or "What's new and cool". Sometimes when you go in a store and you see [...]


Easy Prom Makeup

Easy Prom Makeup or My First Youtube Video!! Yaay!! Yesterday except the fact that I had a lot of fun, I finally managed to record and edit my first Video. I am very excited about this new thing and I can't wait to post the next one. If you will have time to watch it [...]

Stop Faking Nails:)

Hei there! Today I am going to talk with you about nails, the perfect colour and the perfect way to do it! Long nails are extremely popular nowadays, extremely! At least 3 girls in 5 have fake, long and in some cases weird nails. Well, except the chemicals and the pain that you can get [...]